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SOLE Professional provides many way to generate cross section. User can create basic cross section of ground and formation with there quantity. Formation level can be entered as the ground level or formation created with the help of center line level and template detail. Materials that are used in the construction of project can be shown as layers with user define color, line type and hatch. Drain and retaining wall are also generating as per project requirement.

  • Work on concept of Template.
  • Any number of templates can be used in a single project.
  • User can specify drain, retaining walls.
  • User defines side slope condition can be specified for cutting/filling and for left/right side separately.
  • Material layer can be specified as per project requirement.
  • Special features for excavation work & high embankment work.
  • Quantity of any layer can be displayed with section.
  • User can select any page size and arrange section as per requirement.

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