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After specifying level and setting parameter of template, quantity sheet just one click away. In quantity sheet every chainage displays the cutting/filling area of cross section along with the quantity between the two chainage. User can calculate quantity between any two layers at any chainage at once. Offset distance or side can be specified to calculate quantity. There other innovative feature also available in the quantity sheet. User can find the desired quantity by changing OGL or FRL by a click with specified condition. There are quantity calculation sheet show how the quantity calculation take place. The sheets directly exported in the form of excel file, csv file, pdf file or html file.

  • Lightning fast quantity calculation.
  • Quantity can be calculated between any two chainage at any offset.
  • Ability to adjust the quantity by changing desired level. The section and level sheet automatically altered.
  • Quantity calculation sheet.
  • User defines lead adjustment.
  • Varity of ways to export data.

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